Change Up Your Office to Match Spring

I like to think that decorations change on a seasonal basis more than they do from one holiday to the next. Now that winter is on its way out and spring is coming in, a lot of you probably are taking the last of your winter decor down (and most likely a few remaining pieces of holiday decorations, too).

But one way to really get in the mood for better weather is to update your workplace, too. Considering you spend almost 40 hours a week in your office, it’s best to liven it up some so that you’re not stuck in the same old bland and barren office all year long.

Heck, you don’t have to go all out or break the bank decorating anything. We’ve got a few cheaper and easier ideas for you to get your office fresh and lively to reflect the spring season. Why not bring some life to the place you sometimes dread going to? At the very least, it could boost your mood (and who knows, maybe even your productivity).

Put a figure on your desk

It can be a bunny, some sort of tree or plant figurine, or other easter related things such as eggs, birds and nests, and whatever else you can think of. So long as it represents the liveliness that spring brings along, you’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can try to get a bit crafty by using some office and packaging supplies laying around the office to make something cute for your desk or to hang on your wall. It may take a bit more effort than buying something at the store, but since your office is bound to have such packaging supplies and the likes, you won’t have to spend a dime.

Update your computer wallpaper

This one is the easiest on this list and can impact how your day begins the most, too. Everytime you boot up your computer, you’re gonna see this, so make it happy, alive, and refreshing. Perhaps you could find something that has lush grass and some woodland animals. Or maybe an image of an open field with a light rain coming down. So long as you see your wallpaper as pleasant and relaxing, it’ll help you to be the same every morning you log on.

Mix up your lighting

Out with the old, in with the new. Your lighting around the holidays may have been more ambient and moody, almost as if to copy the lighting of a fireplace on a cold winter’s day. Well, I say it’s time for some happier or more colorful lighting in your office. Edison bulbs change up the look of your office while also keeping that ambient lighting if you’re still keen on that. Otherwise, perhaps a brighter lamp can improve your productivity and wake you up more in the mornings and late afternoons.


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